This post is, unfortunately, not about everyone’s favourite Disney movie. Well, not entirely!

Jason loved Frozen. He would tell me the kids wanted to watch it, but we both knew it was just an excuse so he could watch it and sing along. I used to tell him he was like Olaf. A little bit backwards, but always everyone’s favourite person! He loved warm hugs too.

We were often playing tricks on each other, or acting silly, and one of my favourite memories of our life together was when, for a week or two, I would sing lines from the Frozen songs at the most inappropriate times. Mid-conversation, whilst he was on the phone, and my favourite time, as he was trying to sleep. I would lie in wait until the heavy breathing started, then get really close to his ear and creepily sing in a half whisper “The cold never bothered me anyway”, to which I would get his funny little giggle and usually a nudge away! After four or five times in a row, I knew when to stop!

The most wonderful thing about our relationship was that we were always having fun. Always joking, or doing impressions, or teasing one another. We had names for each other that some may disapprove of, and I am quite sure that I would insult someone if I said the things Jason and I used to say. We knew when we needed to be mature, but mostly, we just had fun with everything we did. His least favourite ‘trick’ was when I threw cold water on him in the shower, but somehow he never learned that it was coming. Every single shower time would result in a girly scream!

I have so many happy and funny memories of Jason, that it is hard to be sad when I think about him. Our lives were so full of love and laughter that I know no different now, and my sense of humour has stayed with me, just as it always did when we faced hard times.

In a way, I feel like our lives together being so new, gives me a more special memory of him. There was no time for anything to turn sour. There was no boredom or bickering. Our love was at it’s peak, and in almost every way, was perfect. We had unlimited respect for each other, and most certainly still had passion. Our bubble was simply wonderful. That will never change, our bubble was frozen. No one can lessen our feelings, and nothing further can happen to have a negative impact on our lives as a couple. The love between us will remain forever, it’s untouchable, and is just for Jason and I.

Not many people will get to experience that, so, in a way, it makes me feel special. I am honoured to have such untainted memories and feelings about my Husband.

I am completely in love with my Has, and those feelings will stay where they are. Never changing, just frozen.


Love you Jason xxxxx

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