Happy Thursday

‘Happy Anniversary’ seems a little strange to say. If we want to be precise, it should be:

‘Happy what would have been your anniversary had your Husband not been electrocuted at work one day leaving you pregnant and with two children Day!’

That doesn’t have the same ring to it unfortunately, so I think ‘Happy Thursday’ will do.

Today was, most importantly, World Book Day. Toby dressed as an off-coloured Zog from one of his favourite books for school. George didn’t want to be left out, so chose a dinosaur costume, opting to be the Gigantasaurus. They looked awesome!



After school we went to visit ‘Daddy’s Bench’. Before we left I told Toby, and he said, in his best teenager’s voice “That is so boring, Mum. You have ruined my whole life!”. I couldn’t contain the laughter. I have no idea where he got that from, but it really summed up what children think is life ruining, in comparison to their elders!

We had a lovely time in the end. I sat on ‘Daddy’s Bench’, and the boys ran around. The bench is in he most perfect place, at the bottom of a little valley at a local park, underneath the biggest tree there! We had Toby’s 4th Birthday party there in May, and had a Pirate Treasure Hunt. The treasure was found right near where Daddy’s Bench is now, so it has some beautiful memories there. Hopefully, with all the open space, the boys will continue to remember visiting there as a fun thing!


We went out for a meal afterwards with Grandad, and as we were leaving, Toby held my hand and told me “I will hold your hand, Mummy, so I can make your special day even more special”. I’m not one for public crying, but right then, I could have cried with pride at how compassionate and thoughtful my biggest boy was!

Today was special. Special because I was reminded how lucky I am to have my beautiful small people, and special because I have my memories of one of the best days of my life.

Jason and I got married on 5th March 2013. Only 17months and 23 days before he died. We had a family holiday planned for the start of March to Centre Parcs. Six weeks before we were due to go, we figured it would be a perfect time to get married! We didn’t want a big wedding, we just wanted to be married. The day was meant to be about our love, and our family, not appeasing groups of people we hadn’t seen in years. We chose the prettiest Registry Office in Cumbria, and spent a total of £600 on the fees, a photographer, my dress and shoes, the boy’s outfits, and buttons for my bouquet and accessories which I made. It was just what we wanted! Unfortunately, a couple of people weren’t supportive of our choices. We HAD to have certain people there. We COULDN’T not have invites. We NEEDED to dress formally. Those people were told they should either accept what we were doing, and let us live our life together as we wished, or not bother coming. They chose not to come. I will write a full post on the ‘Out-Laws’ when I have time.

Our day was perfect. We became a family, and did what we did best, which was laugh.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed becoming Husband and Wife. My lovely friend Molly photographed her wedding, and they can all be found on her page, here:


There is no point in waiting for something you can do now. Life is too short to wait around, and had we waited for a ‘big wedding’, we may never have got our day.

Love you Jason xxxxx

4 thoughts on “Happy Thursday

  1. happy Thursday!!! thank you again for sharing. such beautiful photos and your shoes!!!! they are all sorts of awesome xx

  2. i’d wear them all the time even to do the hovering. they’d make me feel like Dorothy 🙂

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