The D Word

For a change, the D word isn’t referring to death.

I want to talk about something that is a taboo subject for Widows and Widowers.


I will start with stating that I am 26. And I don’t want to be on my own forever.

At some point, I may want to start dating again.

I don’t know when that time will be, or how it will come about, but I know that WHEN it happens, my feelings will be cast aside by a number of people. My decision will be judged and probably condemned.

I give zero fucks about this.

If I make this decision, I will make it as an adult, who has considered the implications to my life, and more importantly, my family’s life.

If I ever develop feelings for another person, it won’t take a single thing away from my love for Jason. As I stated in a couple of other posts, my love is frozen, and will move forward with me, whichever path I take. My heart is big enough to love again one day, without having to make space by losing love for someone else.

Some Widows date again within a month. Some wait years, and some never date again. It is no one’s place to judge when or why someone chooses to date. There is no time scale on grief or readiness to seek a new partner.

My main priority is my children, and unless people are cool with me bringing Barnaby on a date (ha!) I doubt there will be romance any time soon, but in the future, I hope I get swept off my feet again. Ok, maybe not literally, as I’m not the smallest of people, but some wooing would be good. (I can’t believe I used the term wooing. Wtf, How old am I?!)

So, in short, if you have a problem with the fact I, at some point, would like to date again, you can piss off 😀

If you are an interested male, stalking a Widow’s blog in the hopes that you can learn everything about her, and commence said sweeping, I like your style! My favourite colour is orange, I like beards and like it when someone sends you a song which describes how they feel. Bonus points for writing the song yourself and performing it on horseback whilst dressed as a knight. No biggy.

Now, to work on my self esteem. I could be here some time!!

2 thoughts on “The D Word

  1. such a brave post, as you say its such a taboo subject. any man worthy of your love will except that Jason will always be with you. you never cease to amaze me with your strength. you will make the right choice fir you and your family when the time comes and people just have to accept that. well done you for putting it out there x

  2. My ex (nothing bad just met him too young!) and I got together only a few months after he’d lost his wife… and he’d gone out with someone before me! He loved me, and he loved her, and he adored our children be they biologically mine or hers, it can only be a good thing if you’re heart is big enough for more love!
    When that time comes, ignore everyone because that decision can only be made by you!

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