I posted over on my Facebook page last night that I was happy, and I thought I would explain why. If you didn’t see the post, WHY NOT?! You mustn’t be a ‘liker’, naughty naughty! I post lots on there that I don’t get time to post here, so if you want to see the FB only posts, I am at http://www.facebook.com/wifeofaperfectman


Now we have that shameless plug out the way, let me tell you about how life is going for us…You might want to keep reading to the end.

On the run up to Barnaby’s birth, I was terrified. There was a huge cloud of anxiety hanging over me, about wether or not I would cope with three children on my own. I was worried that I would get Post-Natal Depression for a third time in my life, and I was generally not the most fun person to be around. I am happy to say, that I am coping just fine! Barnaby is the most relaxed little baby in the world! He has fit into our routine amazingly. He sleeps well, he breastfeeds like a pro, and he always has a smile on his face. He is so much like his Daddy, aside from the breastfeeding, obviously. I have joked that “His Dadddy must have had a word with him before he was born”, but I am starting to believe it is true.

Toby and George are excellent big Brothers. Toby is doing great at school, and Geroge has a hilarious sense of humour that brightens the place up. George chose to potty train, much to my dismay, when Barnaby was a couple of weeks old, but he has breezed through that, with very little assistance from me. These boys are just getting on with life, and are a reminder to me that we need to just keep on keeping on!

I am mostly managing with keeping on top of my washing, which is a huge thing for any Mum, particularly one that uses cloth nappies. The folding and putting away of said washing is my downfall, but fuck it! Life is too short to spend all my time folding!

Life is ticking along nicely…

Oh there is also the small matter of the fact I have met someone.

Yes, you read that right!

I wasn’t expecting it. I wasn’t looking for it. In all honesty, at first I wasn’t sure about it.

But oh my goodness, I am happy about it!

I first met him a few months ago, but he is so hot, I figured he was out of my league. Every time I saw him, in the romantic locations of children’s Birthday parties, I made a dick of myself. I would go away kicking myself for things like ramming a Twix into my mouth whilst attempting to talk AT him. Imagine the geekiest teenage girl you can think of, add to that, the total inability to talk to men, plus throw in some awkward ‘jokes’ and the look of a disheveled troll lady, and you pretty much get the gist.

No idea how that worked, but it did.

I added him on Facebook (smooooooth), and we started to talk. A lot.

He is just blooming lovely. And hot. Did I mention that bit?

You know when you just click with someone? Well yeah, that.

It took a little soul searching from me to be ok with letting him into my life. First and foremost I felt guilty. 10 months after my Husband dying was not the time I was expecting to start dating again, but at the same time, could I pass on an opportunity to spend time with someone who I really got on with? No amount of time being single will bring Jason back, so I would have to make this decision at some point. I still feel the exact same way about Jason. I will always love him.

Life is too short to not be as happy as I can be.

I don’t know what path this will take. I am hopeful that it will turn into something special, as I would never enter into any sort of relationship unless I thought it could go somewhere. Only time will tell, so for the mean time, I am enjoying spending time with someone who makes my tummy feel funny when we talk!

I have a little message for anyone that has anything bad to say about this…

Go fuck yourself.


15 thoughts on “:)

  1. 10 months, 10 years…surely no time is the right time. You are absolutely right that you should not let this pass by. Of course you will always love your husband but as you well know, life is definitely too short. I have no doubt that he would want you to be happy. Enjoy yourself, you really do deserve it πŸ™‚ xxx

  2. this is awesome. nobody will ever doubt how much you love Jason, but you are young and you of all people know that you never know what is around the corner or what life with throw your way, so grab any bit of happiness with both hands and run with it. there is no time limit on grief, missing someone or getting on with your life. sometimes these things just happen. who knows maybe Jason sent him!!!
    enjoy it xxxx

  3. Oh I’m really delighted for you sweetheart ❀ It's funny how things turn out isn't it. When I left my ex with 3 kids in tow I never imagined the first man I would meet 6 months later I'd fall head over heels in love with and marry. Enjoy, I miss the butterflies in the tummy xxx

  4. Not quite the same scenario as my brother and I were grown up, but my mum started dating only 9 months after my dad died. They have now been married 23 years.
    There is never a right or a wrong time, you just have to trust your gut feeling.
    Best of luck!

  5. You are too young to be on your own and such courage deserves love and happiness. I have worked with many bereaved people and some of my most interesting clients have been the ones who have met someone quickly after the loss of a loved one, but had to keep it secret. It does not matter what anyone else thinks and although you do not know me I am delighted you have found someone. You have probably helped thousands of people with your blog so what goes around comes around. Be happy! πŸ˜ƒ

  6. oh that’s just lovely to hear – and if I could see your smile I am sure I would say lovely to see. The saying “no time like the present” has a double meaning for a reason – love is a present and sometimes a gift arrives when its not even your birthday. I am a romantic and always hope that if someone I know needs to/wants to find another partner they will. I only wish my mother-in-law had had the courage to follow her heart in the late 70’s – she’d be a happier woman now.

  7. Such a nice update, everyone deserves some happiness at some point in their lives.. And time waits for no one and who knows the future!

    The last sentence was a bit sad to read.. Not sure people who care and question need to go and do said manoeuvre but point made I’m sure!

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