Beast is 1!

We had a wonderful day celebrating Barnaby’s first Birthday today.

So many people have come together to ensure that Bee has a perfect day. He may be missing 50% of his parents, but everyone around us ensured he got 100% of the love he deserves.

I have not parented three children alone for a year. I have had an army of people with me every step of the way. They have held me when I cried, laughedalong with me when I was happy, and made sure that I just kept going.

I am still heartbroken that Bee will never meet his awesome Daddy, but thankful of the gift Jason left for me, before he died.

I could not have imagined coping for the past year, and admittedly at times it has been tough, but I have done it, and achieved everything I wanted to.

I got this.

Happy Birthday my Honey Bee 🐝