Getting Old

Yesterday was my Birthday.

Waking up 27, I expected to perhaps feel a little more mature, grown up, sophisticated?

It didn’t happen.

I am ok with being the ‘silly one’ who takes jokes one step too far, or the one who gets laughed at for wearing Unicorn t-shirts. I will continue to be cool with the fact I get stares off ‘grown ups’ for having rainbow hair, and I will continue to not give a shit.

I can guarantee that when Jason died, he wasn’t thinking ‘I wish I had spent more time being serious’. He brought fun to life like I had never experienced before, and I try every day to keep that spirit living.

So, you will see me on the monkey bars (noises included), squishing my bum into baby swings, and trying to outrun the kids.

You only have one life, so make it fun!