Summer summer summer house!

When Jason died, we were half way through sorting our garden out. We had knocked down a shed, filled in a pond and completely re-turfed the whole thing. We dug out and laid the foundations for a play area and set aside a patch for a little allotment.

But, alone with two children and another on the way, it had to be put on hold.

Very very slowly I have got things done. Spending 5 minutes here and there building swings and slides, laying bark and stealing a few minutes wherever possible to keep on top of things.

Today I finally built one of the massive things missing, the playhouse! Not only did I manage it in just over an hour after dinner, but I also did it whilst looking after all three children! Granted I did put Bee in the swing for ages and get the boys to take it in turns pushing, but delegation was key here!

I hope Jason would be proud of me trying to finish what we started together, even if he would be telling me that I am holding the drill wrong!!

Here is to long summer evenings in the garden with my wonderful boys, living life as it were intended, albeit with one less person than expected ❤️💛💚💙💜