Team Unicorn

Today, a piece was published about me in The Sun’s Sunday magazine, ‘Fabulous’.

I hate it.

They didn’t say anything malicious or unkind, nor did they say anything factually incorrect.

What they did, however, was paint the picture of a sad person, who ‘sobs in despair’. I ‘weep’ and do not know what my future holds. I apparently told the online version of my ‘agony’. I was ‘overwhelmed’ and even grief counselling didn’t stop me from not wanting anyone at the 20 week scan.


In actual fact, I am not the type of person who is so outwardly negative. I find happiness and fun in even the crappyest of situations.

I have been made out to be a victim. Beaten down and depressed. I have been portrayed as someone who needs pity.

I am far from that.

I am a strong woman, who is positive and full of life. I didn’t choose this life, but I sure as hell am going to live it to the fullest I possibly can.

I’m not going to sit on my sofa, looking sad. Wearing waaaaaaay too much make up.

I am going to chase rainbows and believe in unicorns and sprinkle glitter on every turd I find.

I am not a victim.13332967_1252979984736729_2936730386832502193_n