On 1st July, my Sister gave birth to a tiny, perfect little boy. I got to witness new life being brought into the world, and it was the most incredible experience I have had. The sheer love and amazement of birth, without the pain, winner!

Even though she is looking after a newborn alone, she still has time for the boys and I. We talk every day, and I can always rely on her for cheering me up on my down days.

The other person I rely on is my Dad, aka G. Without him, I would have absolutely no time for me. No time to run, to see my friends, to relax, or even to keep on top of my washing. He has learned in the past 23 months to be domesticated, and helps out with housework where he can, and is a much needed male role model for my stinkers.

Even though my Dad hasn’t slept in over 24 hours, and only arrived home from Canada this morning, he still came out for a walk with my boys and I.

Two people, who could have been resting on their sofas, gave that up so that I could get my boys out for a walk.

If I could choose my family, I would pick them every time!