This weekend, Toby, George, Barnaby and I travelled to Sherwood Forest, to spend a long weekend with around 600 widows, widowers and their children. We had an amazing weekend, for the second year in a row at Centre Parcs. There were parties and meet ups, drinks and dancing, trick or treating and balloon models made by clowns named Bonkers and Flopsy. We laughed and joked, and lived our lives to the absolute fullest. My boys felt ‘normal’. I was surrounded by people that ‘get it’. Most importantly we came together through grief and remembered our loved ones in the best way possible, by creating new memories in their honour.

Our trip was with the WAY Foundation. A charity called Widowed and Young who offer help and support to people who’s spouse died when they were under the age of 50. They have been an incredible lifeline to me, and offered me many opportunities to befriend women and men in similar situations to me. With a 24 hour support line for members, and constant online support through the Facebook groups, there is always someone to turn to in the darkest hours.

Please do me a huge favour and share this post, because if this reaches just one person who didn’t know about Widowed and Young, who could benefit from the charity, it would be a success in my eyes.