Christmas 2016

Today was actually a really lovely day.

After my dread the other day that for a third year running I would be feeling terrible, I was happily proven wrong.

The boys behaviour was incredible, and my highlight has to be Toby shouting “THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!” As he ripped open a present. Our alternative Christmas dinner was successful, with only 20 minutes spent preparing the food. Everyone ate their favourite food and even the sprouts were appreciated (by Grandad). I was surrounded by people I love, and i was truly spoiled by family and friends.

Toby had a little wobble as he went to bed last night, saying he wished it didn’t have to be Christmas Day because he didn’t want Daddy to miss it, but after I scaled the height of the triple bunks for a cuddle, he felt much better. We talked about Jason lots throughout today, so he was very much still present in our day.

We had two new guests this year at the table, one being my beautiful little Nephew, who thoroughly enjoyed eating wrapping paper, and the other was Tom, AKA The Gardener, AKA the man who has brought sunshine back into my life. He is simply wonderful, and I intend for him to be at the table every year forevermore.

So here is to lost loved ones, family, friends and the future.

Merry Christmas!15726354_1458108144223911_5023190459923410099_n