Tom’s relapse

My whole world has been turned upside down again.

It was only last week I posted a photo of Tom, sat at the table on Christmas Day, saying how I was excited for him to be sat with us for the foreseeable future. In 6 months we went from being strangers, to being so hopelessly in love. He is our family. The boys adore him, and he adores them.

Yesterday we found out he has cancer.

This is the third time he has had Lymphoma, and each time it has recurred it has been completely unexpected. He fought it at age 17, then again at age 24. He had a stem cell transplant and was told there was only a 5% chance of the cancer returning.

Well that 5% tracked him down and has thrown a spanner in the works.

In all honesty, I am terrified.

I have never supported anyone through a serious illness like this before. I worry I won’t be strong enough. Then I look at him, and am reminded that love conquers all.

He has a great team of medical professionals, and a referral to the best possible hospital, I just wish I could make it easier for him somehow.

So, once again, hug your loved ones extra tightly tonight. Live your lives with meaning. Don’t waste time being angry or bitter. Have hope.