I am lucky

I feel incredibly lucky today, which may confuse people, as my Husband died, and my boyfriend is currently in hospital and has cancer.

How the hell does that make me feel lucky? If anything, surely that makes me the most unlucky person in the world?!

I am lucky to have had the chance in my 27 years to feel total overwhelming love for not one, but two men.

For Jason, a man whose place in my heart will forever be there. His heart still beats in the beautiful children he gave me. My love for him is undying, a light that can never be put out.

For Tom. The man who showed me that after even the darkest of times, where I felt as though I would never feel whole again, my fragile heart had the capacity to grow, and love again, just as fiercely and passionately as before.

Life is hard, but I am lucky. I have love.16729536_1514907258543999_8836482275776513460_n