We all know at least one serious Facebook ***ADMIN*** don’t we?

The one who lists ***ADMIN*** of a Facebook group as a career on her CV.

The one whose kids are eating Cheerios from behind the cushions of the sofa because they didn’t get lunch as someone is arguing about breast VS bottle.

The person who recites the group rules whilst she has her quarterly intercourse session.

You are thinking about them right now, and if you can’t think of anyone, but regularly start posts with ***ADMIN***, sorry sweetheart, it’s you.

I have a few problems with these people, in that their policing of everyone’s views, often comes at a price which they can’t see, due to being so power hungry, their sense of kindness and compassion is warped.

Take a recent run in I had with a ‘gentle parenting’ group. A post was made with a typo, that typo was ‘Mexican’. I immediately thought of Mexican food, which I LOVE (I love all food, granted). I wasn’t the only one, as lots of people started with Mexican food puns, which we can Taco about later. Now comes the weird part. Those people (not me, I missed all this fun!) were called racist for this. Racist, for making food puns. FOOD PUNS. Holy guacamole I have never seen such a descent into chaos. Anyway, verbal (literary?) punches were thrown, and people were upset. Those trying to add humour to the post were called awful names by supposed ‘gentle parents’, and were humiliated for reasons unknown. People tried to give explanations for their joke, and apologise, as they were oblivious to any potential offence that could be taken, and were silenced, removed from the group, and told to F*** off. All by the ***ADMIN***.

In all honesty, the whole debacle would have been funny if it weren’t for the fact that they are completely different people in real life. Jokes about punching people that annoy them, and being lovers of puns themselves (who doesn’t love a pun, am I right?!). Yet behind the screen, they detach from reality, and forget that they are hurting real people with their hasty reactions and unkindness.

It would be nice to have been able to Burrito the hatchet, alas, I was removed for defending someone over a joke about otters.