Another tick on my Widow checklist.

A few days after Jason died we were meant to go to Legoland, for one last family holiday before Toby started school and we were confined to school holidays. I never told Toby, as it was going to be a surprise, so it meant an awful lot to me to finally do it.

It wasn’t just a case of going, I have had to accomplish a lot in order to manage it.

Since Jason died I learned to drive, passed my test at 39 weeks pregnant, had a baby, grew him enough so he could go on some rides, and got the courage to drive a few hundred miles. All so Toby could have the day out that Daddy planned.

Needless to say, they all loved it!

It was 4million degrees and the queues were huge, but they didn’t even whinge.

Tomorrow we start our way back North, back to reality with a new sense of achievement!18765696_1642155309152526_7118047401729204346_n