I will let you in on a little secret, as to how I have stayed sane raising a 2 year old from newborn, following my Husband’s death when I was pregnant…


Boobs. Breasts. Fun bags. Mammaries. Puppies. Breasticles. Melons. Jugs. Knockers. Baps. Ta-Ta HOORAHs.

Milk makers.

You see, I am a breastfeeder.

Being able to stay in bed and feed the baby was a lifesaver when Bee was a newborn. He slept in my bed, with food on tap, which meant I got enough sleep to function.

If he was sad, BOOBS!

If he was tired, BOOBS!

If I needed him to be quiet because I had an appointment, BOOBS!

Without my jiggly friends, life would have been much tougher.

So here is to jubblies, making every day easier 🙌🏻

(Please feel free to tell me your favourite word for boobs in the comments, all the kids are asleep and I could do with a laugh!!)18838891_1646022805432443_2580630687576755584_n