Home Ed

Well that’s it, another summer survived 🙌🏻

I was high-fiving myself after school drop off this morning for managing to keep 3 out of 3 kids alive and unhurt for 6 1/2 weeks!

The Deadiversary being at the end of the holidays really makes for for a tough summer, it looms over you, and no matter how I try and evade the beast that is grief, it always tracks me down. Thankfully the fog has been blown away and is pissing right off just nicely, so I can concentrate on the next chapter…

Home Education!

George should have started Reception class, but due to me changing Toby’s school place, the new school being full, and my unwillingness to send George to the old school which failed Toby miserably, I have decided to Home Educate until the time when/if a place becomes available at the new and improved school!

It is a big task to take on as well as everything else, but I am confident that it will be a fun adventure. Honestly.

So, here is to being a 28 year old Widowed, full time single Mother of 3, cleaner, cook, taxi service, counsellor, everything elser PLUS teacher, all rolled into one, ever growing (Physically. I ate so much crap this Summer) person.

Woo. 😒21270975_1754784104556312_5526187879783960361_n