Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from my spooky trio!

We have always enjoyed Halloween, but now that the boys have a dead Daddy, the conversations are way more fun 😂

Some of them went like this:

“Mummy, if zombies are real, does that mean Daddy is a zombie?” (No they aren’t, and no, he isn’t)

“Mummy, is Daddy a ghost with a white sheet now?” (No)

“Mummy, can I eat the pumpkin innards?” (Yes)

“Mummy, do all dead people look like this?!” (Mostly no)

Thankfully they are very accepting of the answers they get, and haven’t been put off the fun we have.

Now to eat most of the sweets now they are in bed, woooo!22885927_1815802358454486_6707944828966601543_n