The World Keeps Turning

Something I struggled with after Jason died was the huge amount of guilt I felt in carrying on with life.

I didn’t go out for months. I didn’t put make up on. I felt awful if I laughed and turned down invitations to do things from friends.

So this time round (Eugh I hate saying that!) I am making the effort to shake the guilt.

Yes I am still so sad about what has happened, but Tom would give me a good talking to if I spent my time wallowing!

Tonight I am going for a drink with someone who knew Tom. We can chat about him, or anything else we darn well please!

No guilt for going out. No guilt for spending some time putting a bit of make up on. No guilt for life not pausing for months.

The world keeps turning. Love lives on.27332323_1917692404932147_1425500209815757492_n