Today I got two new tattoos, in memory of my two wonderful Husbands.

The jigsaw is my take on a piece that Jason had designed but never got as he died three weeks before he was due to get inked. It signifies our family, Jason, Jess, Toby, George and Barnaby (who I was pregnant with when he died). The rainbow colouring represents hope for me, that after a storm there is a rainbow.

The moon is for Tom. Yesterday was a month since we got married. Tomorrow marks a month since he died. We would say ‘love you to the moon’, or if feeling lazy, just ‘moon’!! A moon emoji ended our Goodnight text every evening. The heart trace was from a photo I took of his monitors in critical care, so his heartbeat lives on!

I feel so proud to be able to honour these two wonderful men.

They will always be with me!27460028_1931433333558054_6978586377679790584_n