First Day At School!

George started school today!

I am filled with such mixed emotions about it.

He is very excited, as you can see, so I know this is a great opportunity for him to have a new adventure…but I am going to miss him 😦

I wish circumstances were different so that I could have continued putting my all into Home Education, but I can only push myself so far at the moment. I don’t want to let George down, so this is the right move!

This morning I was totally child free on a weekday for the first time EVER! So naturally I did a food shop. I BROWSED and didn’t need to give into pressure to buy ALL THE CRAP! It was weird.

I wish Jason was here to see his little boy growing up into the quirky, hilarious and super-intelligent little guy he is…28377458_1954248937943160_4092406958257396986_n