I’m not Mary-shitting-Poppins

Mother’s Day hasn’t been the easiest this year. I have been questioning if I am worthy of a day of celebration.

My tolerance levels are low due to being in pain and getting naff all sleep (thanks Barna-Beelzebub!). I am forgetful. I am knackered. I’m not Mary shitting Poppins.

Life is hectic and full speed ahead all the time, which results in me not always knowing which way is up.

But the boys have still made sure that I have been spoilt, even if I’m not the perfect Mummy to them all.

I got beautiful handmade cards and presents and Toby arranged for Grandad to bring round a McDonald’s breakfast which was super sweet! My sister made a yummy afternoon tea and Grandad has herded the kids so I have time to sit down for a bit!

I am imperfect and broken, but my kids love me regardless. They don’t care that I got fat (two people in two weeks have asked if I am pregnant 😱), they don’t care that I forgot to sign the guitar practise sheet, they don’t care that I threw away my iron so I have an excuse not to waste my life doing housework.

I love them. They love me. That is all I need today.

So here is to you, imperfect Mums!

May we be erratic and dishevelled, but may we love our kids with all our hearts ♥️29101870_1970994366268617_6809572151323000832_n