Happy Birthday To Me!


Only it can’t be actually really truly happy…can it?

I have been feeling mostly apathetic. I didn’t really care about today, it seemed like a bit of a non-event on the run up.

I actually intentionally brought the boys away so I can escape reality. I know, really grown up huh?! 😂

I have been pleasantly surprised, though. The boys sneaked a bag of presents with us (deffo didn’t see that, nope, not me) to give me this morning, I have spent quality time with friends and even though we were 250 miles from home, i STILL got a Birthday cake.

We have been to Chessington and Legoland and got frozen and soaked two days in a row but it was still an awesome adventure, even for an old lady like me!

My heart is still kinda empty and confused, but life isn’t bleak.

Not today anyway.

Keep your eyes peeled for my list of things to do before I turn 30, here is to another year of adventures with you guys, with hopefully less dramas than the previous years!

(The photo next year will see me being back to a size 10….eesh I regret all the food I ate since I was 27 😂)29570962_1995564937144893_4271986021848936390_n