Widow Tribe

The words ‘widow’ and ‘bereaved family’ are quite hard hitting words.

With them tends to come a sense of sorrow. An image of sadness and a sea of crying faces.

Of course there are hints of that at times, but what people often don’t realise, is that as widows and widowers, most of us choose to live life to the full!

This weekend I have been away with 7 other widows, 9 kids, 4 teenagers, 2 dogs and a snake and it has been awesome!

We have laughed, eaten lots of food, had time in the hot tub, toasted marshmallows and even had a onesie party. Lots of booze has been consumed (not for this loser though 😫) and I have seen some shit hot dance moves. The kids have run free and enjoyed every second.

This life might have been brought around by the most awful of circumstances, but it sure as hell can still be fun!

So here is to grief. May it suck my dick!31444793_2035058476528872_4041951159139696640_n