Father’s Day

I won’t lie, Father’s Day is a difficult day for me.

I have fought anxiety attacks all day today. In the cinema with the kids this morning. Driving to see the inlaws, even visiting Jason’s bench, which is usually my calm place. I just haven’t been able to shake the feeling of dread.

My poor kids, their Daddy is dead.

One of them hardly remembers him, another never even got the chance to meet him. How is that fair?!

Not only that, but their Stepdad is dead too!

Still raw from his death only 5 1/2 months ago, it is still difficult to understand sometimes.

But before the pity party well and truly sets in, i remind myself that where their Daddy and Tom are missing, other people step in to fill the space. Other wonderful men bring so much to my boy’s lives.

This photo is of Grandad (my Dad) and Pops (Jason’s Dad). They were on the way into George’s School for ‘Father’s Day Lunch’ this week.

George was so worried that he would have no one to go with him, but they were both honoured to attend. Accidentally coordinating their outfits and looking slightly like a couple, you can see the pride on their faces at being able to do the job that Jason can’t do.

These two along with Jason’s Brother and Tom’s Dad, I feel like my boys have all the bases covered. They have lots to learn and some pretty awesome teachers!

Happy Father’s Day to all men who are Dads, Grandads, Stepdads, Uncles, any male role model really.

May my boys be as awesome as these guys!35431161_2099756006725785_6462053410962145280_n