I am a Massive Homosexual

A subject that I have never discussed, because it has never been relevant, is sexuality, but I have just finished a very rock and roll cross stitch which has prompted me to write this post.

You see, I tell you guys everything. From my supermarket meltdowns to my smear tests. From how I feel having two men die on me to raising three boys alone. You know everything!

Apart from the fact that I am a massive homosexual.

It is just assumed, as i married two men, that I am straight.


I am a lezzer. A muff diving, carpet munching, bean flicking, flat shoe wearing todger dodger!

At least, I am half way there.

My name is Jess and I am a bisexual female.

Not a Katy Perry (😍) kissing a girl and liking it. Not a Rita Ora red wine session cop off, but a person who likes both men and women and would consider them both equal in terms of attraction and long term prospects.

I just happened to meet and marry two awesome penis-beings.

Both my Husbands knew about it (and they were definitely not complaining!) and everyone in my life knows, so I figured I would let you guys in on the worst kept secret too.

Even my Dad has known for YEARS. That was awks telling him.

VIVE LA VAGINA (and the cocks, too. They are also good)!36518791_2125997157435003_502314704648011776_n