So, George, AKA middle child, has hit some pretty big milestones recently.

He was signed off from his speech and language therapy a few weeks ago. His stammer is still there but is much more controlled than it was. He is confident in speaking to people and isn’t letting it hold him back!

Today there were TWO milestones, though.

We had the loss of the first tooth this evening! He is absolutely ecstatic and has written the tooth fairy a lovely note to go with the tooth.

But the biggest thing that happened today was that George has finally got a place at the same school as Toby 😀 😀 😀

No more double school runs. No more getting confused about who has own clothes days when. No getting books mixed up! They will be together, in one place, after over a year of waiting!

Home Education was super fun for 6 months, then the school that he ended up in was lovely and nurturing, but it is time to finally be settled with his big Brother.

Maybe time for life to be getting slightly easier?

Doubt it 😂36933755_2137990332902352_5499269704822292480_n