Today I went for a ‘run’.

The first one in 18 months!

I am feeling so happy, even though it wasn’t long, it wasn’t fast and it wasn’t pretty.

When Tom was diagnosed, life got in the way and I stopped running. Then when he died, I didn’t want to run.

Then the health anxiety came that has been crippling for months.

I had convinced myself that if I went for a run, I would have a heart attack and die. Probably down a path where no one would find me for hours.

Proper light hearted, me 😂

So today I put on my running gear and went for a walk. But managed 5 lots of running in that time.

And guess what?

I DIDN’T DIE!!!!!!

My heart rate peaked at a healthy level and came back down once I stopped.

My body worked!

One step at a time. I might get real Jess back one day!38085472_2176688059032579_5777023826810372096_n