RTL Filming

You wouldn’t think that talking about Double-Widowhood would be fun, would you? Well it can be, as this afternoon proved!

We did some filming with RTL, a German television network, and the guys were awesome. It was a pleasure to spend some time with Dan and Greg (or Greig, or Greayg? Weird Kiwi spelling perhaps…).

Excited to see how it turns out, especially to know if my potato peeling skills looked totally awesome on camera!


New Logo!


What do you think?!

I have been writing this blog for 3 1/2 years and figured it was time i got myself a new look, so the amazing Vicky over at Victoria Rodgers Createswas the perfect person for the job.

We have attended the same playgroups with our kids for years and have children at the same school now and i have admired her work for a really long time, so it was a no brainer to ask her to work her magic on my blog!

She obviously knows me well as she has captured everything i wanted, without me having to tell her.

It is vibrant and quirky, but bold, kinda how i like to see myself.

The road represents my journey and the colours are self explanatory i think 😀

I really love it and all the extra things you will see popping up over the next couple of weeks, where i will be launching my new website (including all the old posts when i was pre-facebook!), working out how to use Twitter and generally trying to put just a little more effort into life.

Please let me know what you make of it!

Jess 😀41289761_2246062142095170_5071407287587831808_n

Big Changes!


I am going to have more time on my hands quite soon, so am working on a couple of little projects, and making the blog better is just one of them!

There will be a new webpage to run alongside the blog, so those not on Facebook can also access it. I will be launching a Twitter account (once I learn how to use it), and most excitingly, there is going to be an awesome new re-brand. I am fiiiiiinally getting a logo of my very own 😀

The reality behind how I run the blog? This!

During TV time with the kids 😂 Proper professional 👌🏼41080582_2243175032383881_3042104230287507456_n

Summer is OVER!

That is two boys FINALLY in the same school!!!

George was so happy to go to his new school and Toby was secretly happy to have his brother with him.

And me? Well I am happy that summer is finally over!

Summer as a single parent is isolating.

It is lonely and hard, but so rewarding in equal measure.

High five to all my fellow single parents for getting through summer!!40897136_2241922292509155_7099857407332843520_n

Summer Roadtrip

The boys and I are on a road trip!

8 days, a few hundred miles to cover and 4 different locations to stay at!

So far we had a night at Alton Towers, a day in the Theme Park, now we are in Birmingham overlooking the runway at the Airport. Unfortunately for the kids, we aren’t going on an aeroplane as Mummy is scared, so this is as close as they are getting…for now!

Tomorrow we visit Warwick Castle, then down to Maidenhead to camp for 4 nights, with day trips to Legoland, Chessington and Thorpe Park thrown in. Another two nights following that in a campsite in Weston-Super-Mare, and I think that will be more than enough fun for a while.

I wish I could say that I am enjoying every second, but the reality is I am in a constant battle with my anxiety.

I am on new medication that is meant to not only help with my constant headaches, but also reduce my anxiety, but the irony is, taking the meds is causing more anxiety!

It is difficult to be present in the moment when you can’t stop worrying, but I am trying my hardest for the boy’s sakes.

Those faces make every struggle worthwhile 😍38600351_2186031331431585_1025548760475762688_n